FlightPath3D delivers:

  • Elevate your In-Flight Experience

    FlightPath3D delivers the most engaging Moving Map geo-tainment service in the industry. Captivate your passengers with its immersive, game-like 3D interactive experience and informative Point-of-Interest content.

  • Future-proof your Moving Map

    FlightPath3D is the only Moving Map service designed from the ’ground up’ to leverage the potential of the connected aircraft market. FlightPath3D’s content service can reach passenger before, during and after their flight.

  • More Platforms, Better Features, Incredible Technology, Best Pricing

    FlightPath3D is the most advanced and best performing Moving Map service in the industry. Compared side-by-side with the competition... well, it isn’t even a fair fight. Ask our customers, their passengers and the platform OEMs; let them share their incredible experiences with FlightPath3D and the team at Betria Interactive.

  • One geo-tainment service to serve them all!

    Any platform, any device, any passenger experience... only FlightPath3D can deliver a uniform, branded experience fleet-wide, now and into the future. In-Seat, Mobile/Wireless, Broadcast, Interactive, 2D, 3D, HTML and more; we have a solution that fits your needs.


  • Our Mission

    The FlightPath3D team is committed to delivering the industry’s most compelling and innovative interactive 3D Moving Map experience enhanced with relevant and engaging ‘geo-tainment’ information services. We enhance your passenger’s In-Flight Experience with entertaining and informative solutions designed for the entire family.

  • Our Technology

    FlightPath3D’s technology is designed to address the In-Flight Entertainment industry’s unique constraints and eliminate long standing barriers to content currency and product innovation. The FlightPath3D product suite is built around a core 3D Earth engine that unleashes the full potential of your IFE platform achieving the best passenger experience possible.


    All FlightPath3D products combine the core engine with data driven configuration to create a signature experience for each airline customer. New applications and experiences are simply a content update away and without the dreaded ATP. What’s more, a single content service supports all aircraft platforms fleet-wide saving time, complexity and costs. One solution, many platforms, any products: In-seat, Overhead, Portable, Wireless.


  • AirFrance
  • Air New Zealand
  • Finnair
  • KLM
  • Norwegian airlines
  • Virgin America
  • Virgin Atlantic