Everyone Loves to See the City from the Air

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We’ve all stared out of the window during a flight to try and get a glimpse of what is below. Filmed from the air to provide an at-a-glance bird’s eye view of a destination augmented with points of interest (POIs), giving every passenger an immersive 360 degree aerial tour — that’s FlightPath360. Welcome to the world of 3D panoramic destination content. Pan, zoom, and play with our New York view.

At a Glance

  • The Next Evolution for In-Flight Moving Maps
  • Deep Immersive Experience
  • 360 Degree Aerial Tour
  • 3D Panoramic Destination Content
  • Interactive Touch-Enabled IFE controls
  • Select the Best Panoramas to Amaze your Passengers

The Next Evolution for In-Flight Moving Maps

Moving maps leverage advanced 3D Earth satellite imagery combined with street level maps to navigate the globe and follow your flight from departure to destination. What seemed to be missing was the lovable 360 degree street-level view seen in non-inflight maps — for example, where you zoom in on your street-level map and view your home. We understood we needed to deliver a 360 degree view of destinations from the air — a full aerial 360 panoramic experience. And that’s exactly what we’ve done. We’ve worked hard in our labs to bring this map feature to life for a more relevant, engaging inflight experience.

Deep Immersive Experience

By capturing imagery in full a 360 degrees from an aerial viewpoint, airlines can now create the perception of flying above the destination, which allows passengers to view every aspect of a city’s landscape in 3D. The passenger has complete control of the viewing experience as he or she explores the destination as a single, integrated 360 degree image that creates a deeply immersive experience.

3D Panoramic Destination Content

An image is worth a thousand words. These powerful words cannot be truer in today’s age of visual data. We’ve taken this rich 360 degree experience and enhanced it with building and place names, activities and key information about POIs for your passengers. Learn useful and interesting facts, like who designed the Statue of Liberty and who built it. Welcome to the world of 3D panoramic destination content.

360 Degree Aerial Tour

Take a magnificent 360 degree aerial tour of New York City, and soar over the Hudson River, or enjoy bird’s-eye views of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Zoom in on Battery Park or the One World Trade Center as you orient yourself to some of the Big Apple’s most iconic attractions. This travel experience allows passengers to explore the wonders of the world — take a virtual tour of the great pyramids of Egypt or look down into the crashing waters of Niagara Falls.

Interactive Touch-Enabled IFE Controls

The application has interactive touch-enabled viewing across all IFE platforms for in-seat or WiFi-enabled mobile devices that allow your passenger to free roam in a fully 360 degree horizontal by 180 degree vertical landscape. Zoom in, zoom out or auto rotate in a rich panoramic experience.

We just love this new augmented world where we can merge footage shot in the air by drones and combine it in our labs with destination content to engage passengers’ senses in a way never experienced before to show them the wonders of the world.

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