Game-like 3D interactive map

Captivates passengers with immersive, game-like 3D interactive experience, and engaging and informative Point-Of-Interest (POI) content. From departure to destination, follow your flight path with the industry’s most advanced interactive 3D Moving Map solution. Passengers can view a realistic and detailed aircraft rendering set against a full 3D Earth satellite imagery background.

At a Glance

  • Real-time flight data with location and arrival information
  • Popular window seat and pilot views as part of selectable views
  • Pre-integrated applications for e-commerce, destination content, augmented reality and much more
  • Any language support for interactive menus, place-names, and POI content
  • Fully customizable experience with aircraft livery, menus, icons, content and much more
  • Interactive touch gesture support to navigate the 3D globe with satellite imagery
  • Seamless integration of all revenue-generating options including your corporate advertisers

Real-Time Flight Data

View the flight data as the aircraft travels along its route. Watch the ticker at the top of the screen show how long the aircraft has been traveling, weather and arrival information. Use the real-time flight data to inform family and friends of the exact arrival time, rent a car, call an Uber, make hotel reservations, and much more.

Selectable Map Views

Passengers can choose from multiple perspective views including Cockpit/Pilot H. U. D. View, Passenger Left/Right Window Views, Night View, and Time Zone View. They also can leave the confines of the plane and explore the world with free-roaming mode and our unique Fly-To Location feature.

Pre-integrated Applications

The map comes pre-integrated with a growing list of amazing web-applications, essentially offering your team a broad range of tools to improve the passenger experience and revenue-generating options. Creating a seamless experience all applications replicate the same airline specified configurations for branding and navigation and passenger selections made in-flight for destination content or language selected. Applications support, e-commerce, integrated ground transportation, tours, attractions, dining, 360 panoramas, augmented reality, kids content and much more.

Point of Interest Displays

POI icons can be configured to display a small overlay or a complete micro-site with fully configurable location information. Airlines can create their own informational and commercial POIs; both stand-alone and integrated into their existing interactive and e-commerce services.

Interactive Touch Gesture Support

The 3D map is fully interactive and offers passengers an engaging, responsive and realistic experience. Passengers can use familiar gesture controls to Zoom, Pan, Tilt and Rotate map views to look at the map the way they want.

Auto-Play Scripts

Our 3D map contains an automatically scripted display sequence depicting various map and information screens based on the pre-configured instructions and real-time (or estimated) flight phase information. This is used to provide hands-free, automatic broadcast, or an in-seat version of classic moving map products flying today. These scripts are a great place to insert fully customizable interstitial advertising and promotional content.

Distance and Direction

Locating the distance and direction to other locations in flight is very precise. Zoom in on the plane and identify the city or landmark including our Mecca Pointer to display a line pointing to Mecca from your current location and its distance.

Multi-Language Support

We continually add to the 20+ currently supported languages representing most of the major languages used commonly across the globe. Interactive menus, place-names, window-shade portal screens and POI content can all be represented in any supported language. Inherited from the In-Flight Interactive, the passenger doesn’t need to reselect their preference. Need more languages...? Let us know and we will add them, too.

Fully Customizable

Everything on the Moving Map is customizable-flight path display, screen icons, fonts, and sizes-to match the airline’s passenger experience. Configurable aircraft types & livery to render the exact aircraft and represent airline branding colors and logos are available. Configurable ticker tape, window-shade flight information screens, route maps and more can match the airline’s brand to create an experience the passenger will enjoy.

Drive Ancillary Revenue

All revenue-generating options are customizable as well. Airlines can include sponsorship and advertising screens, shopping micro-sites, ad rotation and more. The Moving Map is a great way to visually catalog destination deals and other relevant commercial services. Contact us to see how we can help reach your captive audience.

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