Explore places and things to do

A trip wouldn’t be complete without exploring key attractions. Draw your passengers in and engage them with our informative FlightPath Destination Guide service, which comes fully stocked with hundreds of standard POI’s for your key destinations around locations across the globe. Want a more tailored or ancillary revenue-driven experience? Contact us and let’s explore the possibilities.

At a Glance

  • Street maps roads and building outlines that are great for exploring, planning a tour
  • Destination content for cities, attractions and other well-known global Points of interest
  • Access authored content and reviews by Fodor’s, Lonely Planet, Frommer’s and more
  • Create, edit and manage all information with our content management system
  • Drive ancillary revenue and showcase your airline partners
  • Customize the whole experience with your own content, navigation and look and feel

Street Maps

Seamlessly integrated onto a backdrop of high-resolution satellite imagery, your passenger will find detailed, street-level road maps complete with street names, varying sized roadways, building outlines, parks, bridges and major water bodies. The Street Maps are perfect for exploring, planning a tour or looking up a location of interest.

Our Curated Content

We’ve assembled and created our destination content to allow your passengers to explore cities, attractions, airports and other well-known POIs across the globe. All information is kept current and relevant with regular updates and expansions.

Access 3rd Party Authored Content

We have access to authored content for passengers to check out ratings from professional travel reviews by Fodor’s, Lonely Planet, Frommer’s, and Michelin Guide. Allow your passengers to view these experienced independent ratings to help them plan their trip.

Content Management System

Create, edit, manage, and organize destination graphics and multimedia files within our Destination Guide. Use existing content from your website, in-flight magazine, or travel partners. We have an API and bulk load functions to simplify the technical integration. Our team is happy to work with you to develop the most efficient process of populating and maintaining your content. Manage all your content with secure, remote web access that assigns user privileges and roles, allowing users to only access authorized content.

Drive Ancillary Revenue

Drive ancillary revenue and showcase your airline partners, hotels, restaurants, attractions, and much more. “A List” your sponsors in the destination guide with custom pins and POIs included with your partnerships.

A Unique Airline Brand Experience

Your passengers expect a unified inflight experience, which requires a customized destination guide with a user interface that matches key aspects of your airline’s branding. We take the passenger experience seriously and customize key destination categories, navigational elements, pins, icons, and content displays to create beautiful airline-specific travel guides. If you have your favorite locations or your own tour content, then we can incorporate this or you can upload and manage yourself.

Location-Based Advertising

Provide passengers with more valuable information, and improve advertising relevance for brands that seek to promote offers at the right time to the right audience. Product content and advertisement integration with our patented location-based content tools integrate flight management data to present passengers with specific content and advertisements based on the aircraft’s location and intended destination.

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