Destination City Guide

Destination Guide Service

Draw your passengers in and engage them with our informative Destination City Guide service which comes fully stocked with hundreds of standard POI locations across the globe. With our embedded POI displays seamlessly blended onto the 3D Earth background, your passenger can explore airports, navigate city street and investigate Points-of-Interest across the region. All information is kept current and relevant with regular updates and expansions. Want a more tailored or ancillary revenue driven experience? Contact us and let’s explore the possibilities.

  • In-Seat
  • Laptop
  • Tablet

City Street Maps

City Street Maps

Seamlessly integrated onto a backdrop of high resolution satellite imagery, your passenger will find detailed street level road maps complete with street names, varying sized roadways, building outlines, parks, bridges and major water bodies. Perfect for exploring, planning a tour or looking up a location of interest.

Point-of-Interest Displays

Selectable Map Views

Point-of-Interest (POI) display icons can represent anything from small overlay displays to fully functional micro-sites with a custom multi-media experience or e-commerce extension. Airlines can create their own POI’s displaying custom information or lead to existing web pages. In addition, the Destination City Guide includes FlightPath3D’s POI locations detailing popular hotels, restaurants and tourist locations across hundreds of major cities across the globe.