Discover the world with 3D Animals

Let your children discover our beautifully presented world with our Kids Map, which includes interactive 3D animals, oceans, continents, countries, and other landmarks. Discover life-like 3D models of the world’s favorite animals and allow your younger passengers to make a kangaroo kick or a cobra strike.

At a Glance

  • Learn continents, oceans, deserts, countries, and animals in their natural habitats
  • Illustrated 3D globe perspective that is enlivened by illustrations
  • 360° touch gesture interactions let you rotate around a crocodile and make it snap
  • True-to-life models and postures of some of the world’s greatest creatures
  • 3D augmented reality animal collections from all continents

Illustrated 3D Earth

The colorful and informative world is built with an illustrated 3D globe perspective that is simplified to showcase the child-friendly content. The cartography provides a contrast to the advanced satellite and street map images of our adult 3D Map, and is exchanged for a beautifully illustrated 3D globe perspective that is enlivened by interactive content.

360° Touch Gesture Interactions

Full 360° views of the animals enable manipulation from any viewpoint in and around its natural habitat. Rotate the crocodile or approach the zebra from any angle. Interact and make the elephant wag his trunk or crocodile snap and whip its tail with our direct manipulation feature of these 3D augmented reality animals.

Educational Content

Engage learning and entertainment with lively geographical information about the world’s land, places and animals. We’ve created this Kids Map with the same care and attention as our 3D satellite map to help passengers quickly identify continents, oceans, deserts, countries, and animals in their natural habitats. By playing with interactive content our junior passengers will learn that zebras live in the grasslands of Eastern and Southern Africa, and giant pandas live in central China.

Life-Like 3D Models

The Kids Map is populated with amazing, highly detailed 3D animals with a full 360° perspective. Models have true-to-life postures of some of the world’s greatest creatures that bring vividness to the inflight map experience.

Animal and Continent Collections

Regions of the world create different habitats that support varied animal life, from forests to grasslands, and mountain slopes to oceans. The Kids Map outlines all continents, major countries and oceans, and positions animals in their geographical place of origin. These wonderful 3D augmented reality animal collections are included with the Kids Map:

  • Continental Wildlife
  • Polar Regions
  • Ocean Life
  • Going on Safari
  • Mountain Life
  • Desert

We call it the Kids Map, but this highly interactive and entertaining map is for the inquisitive junior passenger in all of us—not just kids. Discover the world with our interactive 3D animals, oceans, continents, countries, and other landmarks that are designed to be highly interactive and spark your interest in nature.

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