Discovery and Kids Themed Maps

Discovery and Kids Themed Maps

Explore interesting places, attractions and natural wonders from across the globe with the interactive 3D Themed Map experience. Designed to educate and entertain the inquisitive junior passenger in all of us. Discover life-like 3D models of the world’s treasures, both natural and man-made, from polar bears to pyramids. Each Themed Map provides a visually engaging experience and informative narration about our world of wonder.

  • In-Seat
  • Tablet

Kids Maps

Kids Pack

Amaze and delight your junior flyers with endless exploration and fun! Experience the world through the eyes of a child (...don’t forget to let the kids play too!)

  • - Animals Around the World
  • - How do you say it in...?
  • - Theme Parks of the World

History & Geography

History & Geography Pack

Do you have a thirst for knowledge? From amazing architecture to interesting people & events that left lasting footprints on our planet. Discover and learn about our incredible past and what shapes our planet today and tomorrow. Just spin the globe and we’ll take you there!

  • - World Country Atlas
  • - Greatest World Explorers
  • - Royal Families


Sports Pack

For the fan in all of us! Explore sports across the globe and from every angle... past, present and future. Detailed 3D venues and events so real you’ll feel like you’re in the game!

  • - Summer & Winter Olympics
  • - World’s Best Golf Courses


History & Geography Pack

Technology defines our world today. Find out more about how we got here and where we might go next!

  • - Greatest Scientists
  • - Nobel Prize Winners

World’s 10 Best

Auto-Play Scripts

Discover the best of the best across the globe. There are so many to choose from but we’ve searched the 4 corners of the earth found the top 10 of almost everything that amazes us. Pick your favorite and take a trip with us!

  • - Beaches
  • - Cities
  • - Churches
  • - Tallest Buildings
  • - Museums
  • - Ghost Towns