Pilot’s View: A View Like No Other

Unleash your inner Maverick, and be ready for the thrill of experiencing the pilot’s view through the cockpit window. It is truly amazing to look outside from the cockpit of a 747 or A300 with all the flight data and pilot instruments.

At a Glance

  • Be ready for the thrill of an augmented pilot experience
  • Discover the Earth from the sky with a live camera feed from the cockpit
  • Cockpit flight instruments display altitude, airspeed and direction
  • Explore beyond the cockpit with integrated satellite imagery, street maps, place names and more

Live Camera Feed

Point of View (POV) or bird’s-eye view cameras are becoming more common on commercial airlines — just like helmet cams are everywhere at action sporting events. Landscape cameras are encased to withstand the structural constraints of the aircraft and are mounted on the cockpit glare shield, or are tucked into the underbelly of the aircraft to allow passengers to discover the Earth seen from the sky — live, of course, and sometimes with a choice of angles.

Augmented Pilot Experience

We’ve accessed the cockpit window view from a live camera feed and overlaid cartographic information about what you are seeing with flight instruments for altitude and airspeed, and it starts to feel like you’re in the pilot’s seat. We call it the Live Pilot Experience.

Cockpit Flight Instruments

We’re integrating the flight instruments in the cockpit that provide the pilot with information about the flight situation of that aircraft. Information such as altitude, airspeed, and direction allow the pilot to fly the aircraft level and make turns. Now, this information can be seen overlaid into the camera’s live feed to create an augmented pilot experience for the passenger. The instrumentation we’re working on in our labs include:

  • The Altimeter that shows the aircraft’s altitude above sea level
  • The Airspeed Indicator that displays the aircraft’s speed (typically in knots) relative to the surrounding air
  • Heading Indicator that shows the direction the aircraft is heading with respect to magnetic north when set with a compass
  • Horizontal Situation Indicator mounted within the heading indicator to show the rotation about the longitudinal axis

Explore Beyond the Cockpit

Creating an augmented pilot experience is part of the story here. If you see something of interest like a town, lake, or building you’re flying over, then we allow you to zoom in and fully explore with seamless integration to the world below with high-resolution satellite imagery, detailed street-level road maps complete with street names, building outlines, parks, bridges, and other major points of interest. This is just another way we see passengers exploring and planning their travel using the airline industry’s number one map and its integrated applications.

It’s in Our Labs

Remember, we’re still defining the Live Pilot app and the passenger experience. Our goal is to create a seamless integration of cartographic and flight data with actual camera feeds of what the pilot sees. Our engineers are evaluating what real-time geo-location scenarios work best for passengers. We know passengers are craving disruptive innovation and a richer inflight experience, and we’re building a fascinating bright future for airline travel. Take a look at what we’re up to in our labs.

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