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We love travel

Let us tell you our story

In the beginning travel was dangerous and maps were really heavy

Carved in stone

A status symbol to own

Travel was slow and unpleasant, maps were inaccurate

Navigators were hightly paid

10 weeks to cross the atlantic

Air travel transformed the world and paper maps became wide spread

15 hours London to New York

Flying was for a select few

31m+ passengers flying annually

Air travel became wide-spread and digital maps arrived in-flight

Long distance travel is for the masses

What is my eta?

FlightPath3D launched to allow passengers to explore the world

Norwegian is our first customer, thanks guys!

3d satellite with street and terrain imagery

We made maps immersive to preview the destination experience

Plan travel in 360° with augmented reality

30+ inspiring customers! We’re very grateful!

There is something magical about maps, they transport you places

From low-fare to no-fare paid for by ancillary revenue

7.2 Billion passengers a year on earth (IATA)

New long distance emerges. How much is a ticket to mars?

Our mission is to empower passengers to explore places

Explore places with location-based services

Our goal is to enable one billion passengers to explore their destination

Our patented technology is built to unleash the fullpotential of the passenger journey

Our team is inspired by the opportunity to augment the passenger experience