Time to your hotel, book a ride

The new standard in flight status has arrived. From 30,000 feet passengers can estimate the journey time to their house or hotel. Passengers search for, or enter a destination and the Travel Planner displays flight, airport and ground transport times. Ground transport options can be displayed including your partners for shuttles or ride share services and the Travel Planner will even provide transport-pricing estimates.
Distances, times and pricing can be stored onboard in our database so this requires no in-flight connectivity.

At a Glance

  • Calculate aircraft to hotel or home journey times
  • Display flight + airport transit + ground transport times
  • Search and create personalized travel plans
  • Present ground transportation options with reservation option
  • No in-flight connectivity required
  • Distances, times and pricing can be stored onboard in our database
  • Display your travel partners destination products and services
  • Patent-pending multi-modal travel estimate and routing system

Calculate Aircraft to Hotel or Home Journey Times

The new standard in flight status is travel ticker that combines air and ground transit times. The travel ticker can be deployed as a widget at the top of the map or displayed anywhere in the IFE as a stand-alone ticker.

Search and Create Personalized Travel Plans

The Travel Planner uses geo-location data to provide personalized journey time estimates based on the passengers searched location. Once a destination is entered, the planner updates landing and ground transit arrival times and displays a street map outlining the journey from gate to door. Airlines can choose to present their preferred transportation options and associated pricing for shuttles, trains or ride share services. This is the ultimate in presenting a localized and personalized inflight destination experience.

Present Ground Transportation Options

Ride share, shuttle, car hire or other key transport options (Heathrow Express to London or BART train to downtown in San Francisco) can be listed with pricing based on distance from airport to end destination. We store distances and times estimates in our map database and can easily add pricing from transportation providers for key destinations from airports for your passengers to make informed decisions. Book and schedule ticket options can be presented for connected aircraft.

No Connectivity Required

The FlightPath3d Map database stores onboard the aircraft journey time estimates to major locations and zip codes from all airports and thereby no requiring In-flight Internet access. The patent-pending FlightPath Travel Planner saves network usage with local storage and caching of data such as distance, time and pricing for different services where necessary. If Internet access is available then we can offer passengers the ability to view real-time traffic updates, available inventory and make reservations. The service works great as a research and planning tool without any Internet access.

Display Local Attractions or Last Minute Accommodation Options

The Travel Planner is a great app to display any last minute offers that are location or destination specific. Airlines can promote travel partner content and services and pass the passenger interest in an activity to other ecommerce or booking reservation systems.

If you want more help promoting destination services and have Internet access, we have some creative ways to pull deals (hotel/tours etc) for the pending flight destination before the aircraft takes off and save in-flight network usage and request real-time inventory and pricing updates in-flight for passengers who’ve searched and are ready to make a reservation. Let us know how our technology can support your travel service needs and allow passengers to find, tours, attractions, excursions, things to do and fun activities from around the world.

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