Fun destination based trivia

FlightPath3D’s Destination Trivia Application improves the passenger experience and engages them with destination, advertising and airline content. This simple, yet powerful, app enables passengers to answer questions about locations, culture, food, and other fun trivia around the world. Answering questions correctly unlocks special offers and additional map features. The game-like functionality is designed to take passengers’ minds off the flight itself, and discover what is awaiting them at their destination.

At a Glance

  • Engages passengers them with destination, advertising and airline trivia and content
  • Questions and facts are reflect the destination of the aircraft and are very relevant
  • Correct answers unlock special offers and additional map features
  • Images can be edited or changed to match airlines’ brand values and partners
  • Create, edit and manage all questions with our content management system
  • Easy to access the trivia game icon is within the core map navigation interface
  • Allow passengers to use social media functions with curated messages where needed

Progress Bar

A progress bar underneath the question shows the progress towards getting correct answers and unlocking the reward to incentivize engagement.

Sample Categories and Questions

Ask unique question that profile local promotional content and attractions. Reward passengers with some additional content about the attraction. Allow passengers to visit the attraction in map mode clicking the map icon on the right of the image, or move onto the next question. Sample categories of great questions include:

  • Local Attractions Facts
  • Airline Content Fun facts
  • Local Dining and Cuisine
  • Consumer brands and stores
  • Flying Past or over Now
  • Hotel and Accommodation Trends

Reward Function

When a passenger answers enough questions they are rewarded. We offer an offline aircraft option that provides special offers and discounts revealing coupon codes and connected aircraft unlocks a new social function where passengers can share their current location with their social community.

Content Management

We have a Content Management System that allows airlines and their advertising partners to manage the questions. Questions can differ based on the destination and can easily be created and edited and images changed to match airlines brand values and partners.

See what’s next

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